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Great products, excellent quality, and outstanding prices - this is what you can expect from Hunnings Inc.. Here, you can purchase all of your heavy duty truck care products, maintenance supplies, and parts. Our in-store offerings - designed to keep your trucks in proper working condition - include:

Help Finding Parts
Finding the right heavy duty part for your truck is no easy task, but at Hunnings Inc. we have ASE heavy duty parts specialists who will assist you in finding the appropriate part for your truck. Call or visit our shop in New Bern, NC 28560 today.

Locate Hard-to-Find Parts
Are you frustrated searching for a hard-to-find part? Thanks to the internet, the process of locating hard-to-find heavy duty truck parts has changed considerably. The internet provides a vast pool of resources for finding heavy duty parts. Unfortunately, some truck parts are still hard to find. If you are unable to find the parts you're looking for, call 252-638-5356 or visit Hunnings Inc. today and our heavy duty truck parts experts will be more than happy to assist you.

Manufacturer Information
Every heavy duty product comes with manufacturer information. The information may include the following: functional tolerance, recommended mileage, frequency of servicing and replacement, etc. The heavy duty parts specialists at Hunnings Inc. will make sure you have and understand the correct manufacturer recommendations.

Parts Identification and Cross References
In addition to manufacturer information and specialty tools, we also offer parts identification and cross references. Visit or call Hunnings Inc. today for all your heavy duty truck parts needs.

Price Check
Getting the right price for a truck part lets you plan properly. You are able to know what parts to get and for how much. To help you plan properly, Hunnings Inc. offers a price check service. Call us or visit our heavy duty parts department today for all your price check needs.

Vehicle and Component Specifications
At Hunnings Inc., we offer vehicle and component specifications for those who want to do their truck repairs themselves. Contact the heavy duty parts specialists at Hunnings Inc., for your truck and component specifications needs.

Windshield Wiper Replacement
Keeping windshield wipers in good condition helps keep you safe on the road. At Hunnings Inc., we can ensure the windshield wipers on your truck are in good working condition, and we will install new ones for you. For all your windshield wiper replacement needs, call 252-638-5356 or visit Hunnings Inc. in New Bern, NC 28560 today.

To check if we have a part in-stock, please call 252-638-5356.

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Great customer service.
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Great crew. They will find you what you need for your commercial trucks. Go here!
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